TITAN Paints

Changing the rules of the painting game

Hecht & Efraim identified in the construction market in general and among its private customers, a need for an effective and innovative product that will be able to give adequate solutions to everyday problems in construction sites.

For example: when you are done painting a wall perfectly and the wall is then hit by a ladder or another sharp object you cannot just fix the place where the wall was hit, but you have to recoat the entire wall.

TITAN PREMIUM is a high quality acrylic paint with which only the impact area can be painted without leaving a stain (different hues) on the wall. The product provides a high level of coating – 180sqm per container (instead of buying 10 containers of paint you can finish work with 7 containers only).

The TITAN paint series was developed while paying special attention to the customer's need and requirements. Paints were developed in such manner so that they are suited for initial painting or recoating and repairs. The innovative formula of TITAN paints allows implementation of repairs without change of hue or brightness.

Contractors and professionals know now that the TITAN products provide the highest level of performance achieved in the best price. 

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